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Re: TSH of 100 While T4 and Free T3 Are in "Normal" Ranges

Originally Posted by GCC View Post
Why are you on Cytomel alone (and no T4 med along with the T3 med)?
The reason I am taking T3 only is I am in menopause. I found that when I entered peri-menopause and then as I continued into menopause that the synthroid I was on no longer effective. There's more anecdotal evidence than documented research to support that it appears that when progesterone levels drop (at menopause, when, an ovary is removed,, during pregnancy, etc.) the body's ability to efficiently convert T4 to T3 is compromised. Consequently, synthroid is not effective. I prefer the T3-only replacement regimen because this way I know precisely how much hormone replacement I need, and I don't get the unpredictable events of whatever synthroid I'm on being unpredictably converted into T3, thereby causing undesirable surges in energy. I've been on a T3-only regimen since about 2005, with very good results.