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Re: Long time in bthrm but not constipated

I definitely agree with the others about going only when you have the urge. I would be careful with the water enema and any laxative sort products as your bowels get us to that and will not be able to go without doing that. The Metamucil is a good product, so is citrucel and fibercon. My doctor gave my daughter Miralax (before it was OTC) and said that it was a laxative that your bowels do not become addicted to. I don't know that I believe that but it works. Also, with sitting that long and especially if you are straining the majority of the time it WILL make your hemorrhoids worse. From personal experience I can also say that the hemorrhoids will make you feel like there is more there needing to come out, when in actuality its the pressure from the hemorrhoids. Try going with the urge. Then, get up and wait awhile. Then if you feel as you still have more to get out go again. I know its more trouble going several times but it really is better for your body. If you are not constipated and you don't eat that much then your body will take longer to process the food.

I do have a couple of personal questions. If you do not want to respond to them I completely understand. First, what is the consistency of your bowel movements like? Is it hard soft, little balls...ect...Second, and this is the more personal one, do you have other areas of your life that as you put it "obsessing" over?

I can not sympathize with those who go daily or a couple times daily. I am lucky if I go once a week. And, have been that way my whole life.

Good luck....I know that it's hard and an embarrassing subject to talk about. It may be something to bring up to your doctor. He may have more ideas with concrete evidence for you.