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Re: Mold is making us sick???

Dear chocoholic1956:

It really depends on the laws in your state. Unfortunately in most states, the insurance companies got the laws written so that they either have no liability or it is so limited as to be almost nonexistent. In my case there was a $10,000.- limit and because the water intrusion originated at ground level and because I did not have flood insurance, they had zero liability. And remember now, I owned my own home.

I now live in Texas and here, the laws on rentals exclude any liabilty on the part of the landlord if they own less than 10 units. There is also a stipulation (even on 10 units or more) that the mold must be visible within the apt. before any repairs must be done by the landlord and get this -- crawl spaces, attics and basements are exempt. That is so obviously written by an insurance company it is pitiful as most mold starts in these areas and by the time it is detectable the problem is usually really bad.

I sympathize with how you feel. The most important thing is that you got out and hopefully will continue to improve.
One word of advice. Learn about multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) as the odds are very high that you will develop it since you were so affected by mold. Your lung problems may be further affected by things you don't suspect like new pillows, cleaning agents, fabric softeners, paints, perfume, air fresheners, pressed board furiniture, to name just a few.

Hope this helps,