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Re: tmj and eyes bothering me

Originally Posted by kasa2008 View Post
I used to have pain run down my face from my forehead to chin, feeling dizzy and feeling like i have had ear infections.
When I was at the climax of my headaches, I would actually have tingling in my arms, legs...WEIRD! The headaches can be terrible...but I also get dizzy and b/c of reoccurring sinus infections in the past with ear pain, I always thought it was my ears.

Originally Posted by kasa2008 View Post
What has continued is floaters in my eyes..and new is watery eyes..and also flashes of light....when driving and periodic brain zaps does anyone else have these symptoms?/
I get visual disturbances all the time, no watery eyes, yes on the flashes of light (this is migraine related)...the brain you mean like your head gets how goose bumps feel on your arms but it's your head? If that's it then yes. This feeling has also went into my face as well.

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