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Re: Doctor says labs are normal- are they?


I am at the end of my rope.
Don't be and your TSH is not normal. It exceeds the A A C E TSH recommended normal limits from 2002 and 2006. Normal range is 0.35-2.5 now. If you have antibodies (aka Hashimoto's) the TSH range is even more refined to 0.35-2.0. HOWEVER OPTIMAL TSH range is known to be about 1, you are not optimal and by newer standards are hypothyroid and in need of a dosage change.

Just got my blood results back- I was sure that my numbers would be way off because of how terrible I feel. Instead they are normal again.

Yes you are in NORMAL range, but far from optimal in both TSH and FT levels.

I even stopped taking my Cytomel for a few days because I wanted to see what my TSH would be without the T3 suppression of the TSH

How long were you off the T3 supplement? It has a 2 day +/- a day life spanin your system (depending on whether you are hyperT of hypoT). You need to be off it at least 7 days to get out from under the direct influence of the T3. Then the TSH takes a lot longer to adjust than your blood levels... all in all it is a slow and tedious business adjust medication. The TSH is the last to toe the line when supplementation is added. It takes time.

Don't know what to do- have a physical scheduled in 2 weeks. Why am I battling these severe symptoms if my numbers are not way off? Doctor did chem panel & CBC also- all normal.

Well let us see how far from optimal you are:
2pm non-fasting/ Synthroid 88mcgs Optimal time to get your TSH at its highest is before 9 am.. not 2 pm. Your TSH may have been a point or more higher at 8 am.

TSH- 3.44 (0.4- 4.50) Wasn't this range changed years ago???
You have to remind your MD to check the A A C E recommended ranges. In 2002 they recommended a change to 0.3-3.0 in 2006 this was refined to 0.35-2.5 with a Hashimoto's stipulation of 0.35-2.0 being normal if antibodies are present.

FT4- 1.0 (0.8-1.80) You are at 20% of normal range. A woman of childbearing age is in optimal range with 95% of the population when she is 50-80% of normal range.

FT3- 269 (230-420)
You are 20,5% of normal range here. Why are you on T3 supplementation? High RT3? Right now you are balanced with regards to your FT4 and this taking T3 doesn't appear to be necessary, and may throw you out of thyroid hormone balance.

Glucose- 90 (65-99) This range seems weird- isn't 65 really low for glucose?
You are at a good glucose level. 65 is a bit low but you have to understand that the scientist and mathematicians that calculate the normal range on a given optimal range are looking at a broad picture of a large sample set. When you levels hang below 75 for long periods of time you often are faced with hypoglycemic symptoms.

So you are not OPTIMAL in range you are Normal in range, but far from optimal. I had a hoard of symptoms when I was at your levels as well. I had to get above 40% in range to take the edge off my symptoms. If your MD doesn't adjust your meds given that TSH alone.. well you will be needing to shop for a new one.

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