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Re: can anyone tell me what a ssa-igg-ab positive mean my ssb-igg-ab was negative

Hi, whiteyowl, and welcome! I *think*, from being a patient & from reading, that positive SSA (a/k/a "anti-Ro") is seen in (1) Sjogren's Syndrome, (2) in "classic" systemic lupus (SLE), and (3) in a variant---and often milder---form of lupus called "subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus" (SCLE).

Sjogren's can exist "standalone", but it's also seen in some people who also have lupus.

Lupus hardcover authors can tell you much more. Look in your local library or bookstore for Dr. Daniel J. Wallace. He covers the SSA autoantibody, how Sjogren's & lupus are differentiated, treatments, etc. Also, Dr. Robert Lahita is another top rheumie/author. I think reading will also help you see that "mild" is possible; that help is available; and that many patients do quite well, with proper Dx, meds, & regular follow-ups. Please don't be terrified, ok?

I was Dx'ed with SCLE some years ago, based on positive SSA, recurrent SCLE-specific targetlike skin lesions, and other issues. I'm doing well on Plaquenil & (alas) sun avoidance. After decades of seeking answers in the suburbs, I went to a big-city rheumatologist, and got answers & help in less than a month.

Are the doctors you've seen rheumatologists?

I'll stop here, to give you a chance to read & post more. FYI, there are others here with positive SSA, some diagnosed & (I think) some not yet. Sending my best wishes, sincerely, Vee