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Just go my test numbers back


curious as to opinions on these numbers...

44 year old male...excellent health no issues until recently...diagnosised with GI inflamtion disease....while doing blood found I had low T...was having symptoms whole time...ED, anxiety, temper, sweats etc. Physically quite strong and very verial up until GI onset....never had ED issues etc. Blood pressure, blood sugar etc all excellent.

Doctor placed me on Androgel...along with meds for stomach...all symptoms have improved excepting for some axniety sweats and ED.

Retested after 3 months of 5mg of Androgel daily and here's where I am...

Total T 318
Free T 7.9
Estradiol 17
Cortisol 11
FSH 1.0
LH 1.1
Prolactin 2.7
DHEA 1.7

Really disappointed nothing move much from first test after 3 months of androgel....Doc has upped me to 10mg. Numbers are pretty much same as they were 3 months ago prior to really little number improvement and only small physical ED improvements.

I am heading to a Endo in Boston for more help.

Any thoughts?

thanks for any help...really frustrated.


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