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Re: Dizziness/Vertigo - Is your's worse pre-period?

Originally Posted by DizzieBlonde View Post
We are experiencing opposites to the extreme, our weather here is very hot, it was 40 degrees the other day (I think that may be 104 fahrenheit). I am so thankfull that it has cooled a little, but I do have the laptop in the bedroom with the fan on!

Lots of headaches and vision disturbances in the last few days too - not sure if that is heat related.

Oh BTW - Is a Deputy Marshall a Police Officer?
Sorry, I didn't get back to you sooner. Remember I said that we were getting really cold--well, we had ice also, and I fell in my driveway, Mon. afternoon--I landed on my right breast and my left knee. I don't know how I did that--I lost my breath for a bit and am really sore--yesterday was the worst--I don't think that I broke anything but it sure hurts.

I always feel worse in the summer when it's really hot. I stay in the house with the air-conditioner. I'm sorry that you're not feeling well. Did you ever tell me if your Dr. ever gave you a diagnosis?

Yes, my husband is a police officer. He retired from one department after 24 years. He got bored and we didn't have as much money as we wanted and the insurance got too expensive, so he went to work again with the Marshal's. They mainly pick up people that have warrants and they serve subpoena's. They don't have to deal with really bad criminal's like he use to but they do have people that run and he says he's too old to run after them He will catch them another day. But some of their tickets add up to thousands of dollars--so he still is very careful because some of them have fought.

Our weather has been crazy. One night this week it was 8 degrees F. and tomorrow, it's suppose to get up to 68 and be really nice. We still have ice and snow in our yard and on the street. I hope it's cooled down for you.
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