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Re: Pregnant and just diagnosed with DS

Just wanted to let you know to just hang in there. I had an aminocentisis also when I was pregnant because of my age. The doctor told us also that our daughter had down syndrome. That was 12 years ago. Like you I didn't know what to expect and the clinic didn't make it any easier because they kept calling me asking me "what did I want to do". That was more stressful to me than learning she had down syndrome. Well I felt that God gave her to us and he knew what he was doing and he was going to keep and guide us in raising her. Well I want to tell you that you will be amazed and feel proud and blessed as your child grows. Of course they may not be as fast as other kids in learning things but as they learn you will be so proud. When my boys were born, a lot of things went unnoticed because we didn't "stop to smell the roses". Well as your child grows you will notice every little achievement and it is like you are having a party cause all those things I didn't notice as my boys were growing I noticed with my daughter. Just have patience and be there teaching even if it takes multiple times to teach but you will feel like you had a great part in his or her success. The thing that goes through my mind is that if God brought you to this, he will bring you through it and you will be stronger than you ever thought you could be. My daughter also later was diagnosised with autism and she has a hearing impairment where she is still not talking but she knows how to get her point across. There are a lot of stressful moments with that but I love her and wouldn't give her up for anything. I have learned to take things people say with a grain of salt and know for yourself that your child is a blessing and God just thought you were just that special to take care of one of his own. Be Blessed and keep your head up.

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