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I stopped the pill then started nuvaring, but still no period.

I was on loestrin 24 for quite a while, then recently stopped for about 2 weeks, and went on to the nuvaring, I've been on the nuvaring for almost 2 weeks and I still haven't had any sign of a period. I'm almost possitive I didn't have a period since about a week or two before I stopped taking the pill. If someone could please tell me why this is happening that would be great.

I should add I had sex once since I stopped the pill, using a condom, but it was only for about ten seconds, and I told him I didn't feel right, so we stopped. I went to planned parent hood to get the nuvarings and they made me take a pregnancy test while I was there. It was negative.

I am quite confused and I've read that sometimes your period doesn't come back for a while after you stop taking the pill.

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