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Re: Dizziness/Vertigo - Is your's worse pre-period?

I hope your feeling better after your fall? It gets frustrating when we are not feeling well anyway and one things happens after another.

I have been going to physiotherapy, for the last 8 months and kept hurting myself between visits, like twisting my knee, pinching a nerve in my back. We laughted when I went in January after a six week break and I said well the first thing I can tell you is that I didn't hurt myself/or have a new injury.
Actually my knee's have improved so much because of the exercises I do specifically for them!

I am interesting in how the US medical insurance system works - it sounds really bad, maybe you could explain it to me!

We have both a private and public system in Aus. The public system is called Medicare, you can access hosptial and many dr services for free. If you have Social Security from unemployment, disabity etc, you also get a Heath Care Card and get cheaper medicines, or don't pay for x-rays/mri's etc. You do need to pay for dental and cover a gap for some services like specialists. Don't get me wrong this can be very expensive and some people can't afford to go.

We personally have private health insurance, and this covers alot of dental, less of a wait for hospital if you need it as you are covered for a private doctor, and we get cheaper physio, chiro, and even some natural therapies. It is one of the bigger expenses we have but because we all needed dental we pay for the higher 'extra's' benefits. It's sure not perfect and I certainly aim to stay out of hospital but it sure seems easier than the US system.

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