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Re: Reboot Nervous System? Five major spine surgeries...

they do use the ketamine here but for ONLY severe cases of RSD(a ketamine infusion). if you go to the RSD board just above here,i think if you did a search on it, just THAT board,you may find something on it there. that is a very very extreme way of trying to manage chronic pain tho. its a very carefully monitored process that can only be done by certain specialists who have very extensive training in the use of it in humans. someone up on that RSD board would more than likely be able to tell you more about it. but i do think you may have a very very hard time in your case in just even finding a doc who would do this for anything other than severe RSD,and actually finding one of those docs who actually do it too.

what is the extent of damage in your spinal from the surgeries you have had done? do you have any level of actual spinal cord damage? i just had a really good suggestion for something you could try that i have done becasue of my spinal cord damage andthe other traumas that my body has suffered,myofascial release,along with craniosacral therepy. the cranio actually 'unwinds" traumas that egt stored in the CNS everytime we suffer any level of injury that causes us pain. my biggest trauma to my CNSwaws having it cut into to try and remove a cavernous hemanioma. my body has an unbelievably high tone and i am very hyper reflxic too. this therepy has helped me sooo much with all the muscle damage from repeated surgeris that cut into muslcles,and also gets rid of the ugly wads of trigger points too. but that cranio helps to try and restore a more 'normal" tide and flow of CSF and like i mentioned,unwinds congested nerves and traumas from our CNS. this would be a excellent therepy for you too to just try and see how it works for you. this honestly is the ONLY real therepy that has given me reduction in the overall intensities of my very severe pain and keeps those TPs from reforming too. they used to be just nasty,they are much smaller and don't redo themselves right after either.

your body just sounds alot like mine. this would be a helpful therepy in a few different ways for you. i also have RSD in one side of my body i my knee and another hidious pain syndrome called central pain on the left side,all from the results of spinal cord damage. alot of othe crappy pain is here too,but those are the worst of the worst only because they don't respond to any level of narcotics what so ever. i have only had six seperate surgeries since 01,and an aneurysm coiling just for fun cuz i wasn't having enough fun already. it would appear that with every surgerym,there is always some sick pain that gets left behind to have to deal with.i can relate to some of what you are dealing with here. some you cannot do anything about,but other types you can get a better quality of life if the right things are used. the myofascial and cranio really IS agreat therepy to try tho. i would very highly recommend it for your particular issues. believe me,if it can help me in any way and the mess called my body,it can help someone else.

the key here tho is finding a really good and experienced therepist who does this. there are alot more therepists who do this now vs years ago when i was rehabbing my leg and arm after my spinal cord surgery and my therepist tried like all get out to get my ins co to even cover the release therepy i so desperately needed back then. they had to make a huge incision in the back of my neck on down to the shoulder blades just to get into my cord. it caused a huge muscle mess from hell. i honestly think if i could have had this therepy done back when it would have made a huge impact in those muscles,i would not be dealing with such horrid muscle crap/pain now.

just a suggestion you may want to try before even thinking of going with what the ketamine could do to you. its just a rather huge huge deal to do that to your body,espescially if other things could help ya know? there just IS a big reason as to why this therepy is not routinely done here inthe US. i just cannot really see just how ketamine could possibly 'reboot" your CNS? i would see about the myo and cranio tho. it really does work and help with what i have. i do wish you luck, please keep me posted,marcia
3-22-01,herniated C-6-7
11-20-01,placement of hardware for failed fusion
9-22-03,removal of cavernous hemangioma that was inside spinal cord. Neuro damage to L hand L leg and R leg.