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Anemia and Gluten Intolerance

It amazes me how many people with anemia or constant low iron, which is difficult to raise, have a gluten intolerance or are severly affected so as to suffer from Celiacs.

1 in 4 people supposedly have issues with gluten, which is found in a number of grains eg: wheat, rye, barley and oats. Most people notice a difference when simply excluding wheat, yet some suffer so severly that they have to exclude rye and barley, then others need to exclude the oats too.

Not all people will have symptoms, which can range from bloating right through to irritable bowel syndrome.

Gluten is used as a thickening agent, not just in breads, cakes, biscuits and pasta. It's in virtually everything and a lot of people are simply getting a gluten overload with the main culprit being wheat. My cousin can eat pure rye bread, but eat a wheat bread and she gets stomach pains and bloating.

If your low ferretin is due to gluten, going on a strict gluten free diet for some months should set your iron climbing up on it's own.

When you are low in iron, not many doctors will want to check your gluten levels. A blood test is all that's required, but you can get false positives or negatives and a bowel biopsy is the best way to gauge what damage is being done, but a blood test is a good start too.

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