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Bowel resection a year ago and still have pain

I had my open bowel resection November 2007. After the initial recovery time, during which I felt pretty good, I started to have pain again. I seem to feel fine if I happen to get constipated, but as soon as I get "unstopped", within an hour or so I start having pain in the surgery area. It ranges from minor to almost severe.

After the surgery, I asked my surgeon what I could eat and he said "anything you want!". So I took him at his word, which resulted in some very painful episodes. So I eliminated spicy and hot foods, rice (which tends to stop me up) and most cheese. I increased my intake of fiber and I take a psyllium fiber supplement if I become constipated. I have the diarrhea/constipation/diarrhea back and forth almost constantly.

My questions are: Should I try a low fiber, mild diet for a while to try to reduce the pain I've been feeling? Why is it that I feel no pain while constipated but after I clean out I feel pain? Am I being too aggressive with my fiber intake, and it's just too much for my repaired colon to take?

The pain has never been severe enough to go to the ER (which my surgeon advised me to do when I asked for suggestions and ideas about why I'm having pain...if I ran to the ER every time I had pain I'd never leave). I'm getting worried that another surgery may be in the works (which I'd do if necessary, it just wasn't that bad). But if there's a chance I'm just hurting myself by eating too much fiber, I'd like to try reducing and going low fiber if that might help.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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