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Re: Doctor says labs are normal- are they?


A couple of other questions...

Going on T3 because you feel crummy with out finding out the source of the crumminess is NOT a good idea in my opinion.

I agree. My doctor told me that some of his endo friends put their patients on T3 if they still don't feel well, despite normal thyroid levels. So, I agreed to try it believing that my thyroid levels were indeed somehow normal. Then I saw a book called The Thyroid Solution by Ridha Arem MD & it mentioned low doses of T3 as very helpful with depression, which I have been having trouble with. Have you heard anything about T3 helping with depression?

Based on my symptom set do you think I should look into adrenal or other testing at all? The most severe symptoms are the fatigue & cold intolerance- I need over 12 hours of sleep a night & even then I am extremely tired. I never ever wake up refreshed no matter how much I sleep. (The fatigue was equally severe even when I was having zero problems with depression & in a very happy point in my life. I even had it the last time I was at the beach on vacation & having an amazing time with adequate sleep).

Thanks so much!!

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