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Thrombosed external hemerrhoid removed - what to expect?

This last Monday, an external hemerrhoid formed really fast, and was thrombosed by the end of the day. The pain was so unbearable, regardless of my body's position, that I went to the urgent care clinic and they did a little procedure. I think he just "drained" the hemerrhoid, and removed some of the clots. That procedure was probably the most painful thing I've ever endured in my life, not to mention humiliating. I mean I'm glad I was on the other side and didn't have to see all of that go down, but I screamed and cursed a few times, definitely went into the surgery thinking I'd be graceful but it just wasn't happening. The doctor even told me afterwards how many places do you go where they wipe your *** for you? I thought that was kind of funny.

Anyways, so it's the next morning. I was able to sleep, but it hurts to sit down still. Is this just because of the open wound I have on my ***? I've gone through four pairs of boxers since yesterday, cuz they get kind of bloody. I wouldn't say the area is bleeding, but when you touch it or when I do a sitz theres some blood.

I've been prescribed some corticosteroid and other stuff to put on my *** to reduce swelling and pain. But I'm just curious as to what kind of results should I be expecting each day? I mean it's clear that there's still an external hemerrhoid there, not the pingpong ball that it was before the surgery though. Is this normal and will it go away? My doctor said that if it "came back" I'll probably have to have another procedure. I can only take so many needles and thumbs in my ***, so I'm hopin he meant like the "thrombosis". From here on out, should I be treating this like a regular, not-so-painful external hemerrhoid, in that it'll go back into hiding eventually?

I'm doing sitz baths, applying lidocaine several times a day and a corticosteroid 2x a day. I'm not in severe pain, but still a bit uncomfortable. I haven't had the fun experience of having a bowel movement yet either, but as it was an external hemerrhoid it wasn't really hurting before either. I have an appointment next week, but if anybody has any advice, or familiarity with this I'd be very thankful. Searching the net for stuff on hemerrhoids is pretty useless, as I'm sure you've all come to find out.

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