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Re: Bowel resection a year ago and still have pain

Hi Red..... sorry to hear you're having some problems. I know how upset I get now, post colon re-section, if I have any cramping/pain. I get twinges now and then in the lower left quadrant and am paranoid. My bm's haven't been normal since the surgery (2 years ago this coming June). Prior to the surgery, it was constant, loose, pencil shaped stools. They're more formed now, but I do have a problem with off and on constipation. I take Benefiber and eat an apple a day, which seems to help. I eat any old thing I want...altho have been dieting.

I would definitely slow down on the fiber...and maybe bulk up on water.

Didn't you mention that you have IBS? Is this pain you're experiencing "different." Any temp? Nausea?

If this keeps up after cutting back on the fiber, I'd insist that your doc sees you and orders up any tests that are necessary. You know your body better than anybody. We have to be our own advocates......

Good luck,