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Re: hardware causing pain?

Ihad a double fusion with all the hardware(two cages,screws and rods). Anyway, I had this done in July of 2006. And I am almost housebound too. I am on lots of pain meds. I had a MRI taken about a year ago,and they said it looked like above all the harware, another disc had collapsed. However, they advised no more surgery. This was a different surgeon than the one in 2006. So I have just been living with the pain. But I know that the hardware causes a lot of problems. I just don't think I want anymore surgerys. And have heard that sometimes it doesn't help to take the hardware out. So we are kind of in a dilema of sorts. I hate to be this way too. Pain meds help sometimes. I am accually thinking of a pain pump. And that is drastic. But the pain is wearing me out. I hope someone else will have some better advice than I. I just wanted you to know this is a common problem I think. Good Luck and lots of prayers for you! babyboomer6