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Re: Reboot Nervous System? Five major spine surgeries...

i am kind of curious as to just what horror stories you have heard about using the TENS unit? mine is about the only thing that actually helps with my RSD flares. its just electrodes with a tiny unit that creates impulses that YOU set yourself to your own comfort level. i just have yet to hear anything bad about the unit and using it for pain control. can you enlighten me?

when i asked you about just what triggered your RSD and where it was in your body,it really was about how did the doc that told you you had this determine it? what tests did he do on you to come up with that particular Dx? do you have pain(burning/stinging) anywhere in your body? this would more than likely be the RSD spot,or where it has started in you. this could have been triggered by your spinal surgeries depending upon what was actualy done,how bad your damage was,and if they hit your sympathetic nervous system during the surgery.

in order to have RSD just trigger itself in your body somewhere,you would have had to have suffered some level of actual sympathetic damage somewhere. this can happen sooo easily since the SNS just governs so much in our bodies,including dilation and constriction of blood vessels. people have gotten this just from some stupid tech not doing a blood draw properly where they actually cause some level of actual damage to the vessels,which can trigger it too. it is just a very bizarre condition that can come from any trauma to alot of different areas in our body. but in most cases,it shows up in a site that has alot of inflammation going on or in an older injury(it didn't have to be a bad injury, just injury period). mine shopwed up in a really badly worn knee that had a cyst growing in the back of it. that knee hit a dashboard too many many years ago in a car accident. you just never know.

the way they can actually Dx this in a person is thru trying whats called a sympathetic block? this blocks only any real pain that is stemming from a sympathetic source,so if your pain feels any better AFTER that block is done,it would indicate a sympathetic generator is responsible, hence,RSD. if it doesn't get ANY better then it is probably not RSD or sympathetic related(it my not always work if the doc doing it doesn't hit that sympathetic chain with the needle too). but they can do bone scans too. any RSD affected area will ALWAYS have a temp difference,it can be either hot or colder than normal either way. but that IS part of the condition that is casued by the vasomotor(blood vessel flow problems) malfunction that also is part of RSD. i did se you finally found that RSD board too,thats great. there are many wonderful very helpful people up there who have had this for many years,so they do know ALOT about the condition. i have had mine in my knee down thru the bottom ogf my foot since 2003. there are other outter symptoms with this as well but i do think you got that info already from the other board? just stick with that RSD board,they really have been a wealth of info for me when i first started on these boards just looking for info like you are. the pain board may also be of help to you too. it is in the "P" section above the RSD boards. great people there too. if you need any other questions answered i will be here hanging around. i also hit the RSD boards too.

i really am curious as to how the doc you gave you this diagnosis came up with that since it appears you have had no real testing done at all? what did he use or do to come up with CRPS? marcia
3-22-01,herniated C-6-7
11-20-01,placement of hardware for failed fusion
9-22-03,removal of cavernous hemangioma that was inside spinal cord. Neuro damage to L hand L leg and R leg.