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Re: Depression/Stress

Thanks for your replies Matt and Sera,

Sera, i am not sure whether there could be another underline cause. I am alot more short tempered nowadays but that could just be because i am unhappy. I am not so sure that stress from my job has come along all of a sudden. I am a very nervous person by nature and have always found it a lot of effort to stay calm and not stress out. In my entire 11 years at work i have never found it easy and have always had to work really hard and not panicking. I think it just went to far on this one occasion and now i am struggling to make it back to the position i was in prior to my episode.

Matt, it is good to hear someone who can relate to exactly what i am going through. Do you feel alot better now?, do you cope well with work nowadays? I really hope there is light at the end of the tunnel. I wish i could go to work and focus on the job in hand and not spend most of my working day worrying about how i can't cope.

Many thanks to you both for your advice.