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Re: Depression/Stress

Hi Paul,

I'm right there with you buddy. I've been at my job for 18 yrs and in the same business for 30. Simply put, I hate my job. I've always been able to deal with it until the past few months. We became extremely busy. My co tripled our production branches but did not add on to the support staff, one of which I am. Me and my co-workers have been working massive hours overtime. I just got home from putting yet another almost full day in on a Saturday. I worked from home last Saturday and in the office last Sunday. It is affecting me both physically and emotionally in a big way. I made a plea to my boss for help after working 6 hours last Sunday with a 101. fever. What a disaster that turned out to be and I regret it tremendously. (note - boss puts in no ot)

I really don't have any advise for you. Just want you to know you are not alone in the struggle to survive work. I hope things improve for you soon.