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Re: Thrombosed external hemerrhoid removed - what to expect?

I had the same procedure you are talking about. The doctor made an incision along the vein and reached in and took out the clot. The incision was left open which is common for this. The incision was kind of unnerving to look at. I took care of it by cutting a piece of non stick gauze that came from Wall mart in-between my but cheeks to absorb any drainage. After having a bowl movement I carefully wiped and hopped right into the shower and cleaned the area and up in my rectum by soaping up the are and using my middle finger to clean out my rectal cannel. I had a bottle of Iodine (Betadine to kill the bacteria) that I would squirt in to a 4x4 piece of gauze and place between my but cheeks and uses to clean the area as much as possible. I would leave it there while I took the rest of my shower. After finishing my shower and rinsing off I dried the area with some toilet paper and replace the gauze with a new piece.
It took a while for the incision to heal up. I would say around three weeks for it to totally close up. It heals from the bottom to the surface. It stopped draining more and more each day and had stopped by 1 1/2 weeks. The proper way to fix what you had is to go to a colorectal surgeon and have them make an incision and remove the vein/hemorrhoid. They make the same type of incision but pull hemorrhoid out and tie it off with a suture. The suture may be anchored to the under side of your skin and then clip off the thrombossed vein. I eventually had this done and took care of the incision as I described above. When they do the procedure you had, the hemorrhoid will continue to give you problems if it was like mine. Good luck! Hang in there, next time it happens go to a Colorectal Doctor and get it removed. It only took the doctor who did me around 12 minutes and now I don't have any problems to speak of with that dam hemorrhoid.

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