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Re: Chronic Sinusitis?

Originally Posted by danabarb View Post
I don't know about the light situation, but do know that sinus trouble can raise all sorts of Hell with one's system, including throwing one off balance. It all has to do with the vestibular system and even though I am no dr., I do believe that the ears and sinuses are connected. I am highly allergic to perfume and odors of any kind. Was with some people the other day and one had on perfume. When I left the room, I could not walk a straight line and was like that for the rest of the day until it cleared out of my system. Have you been to an allergist? If not, I suggest that you do. Maybe you are allergic to the lights. I have found that acupuncture has helped me much more than any dr. I can walk into that office waving all over with my walk and when I am done, I am walking much straighter. The wavering when I walk is caused by the blood vessels in my head expanding. Good luck and if I can be of any help, don't hesitate to ask any questions.
My doctor took blood work and is going to run a full allergy test this week.