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Re: Awful treatment with no luck

Hi, kacklebird and thanks for your help and advice.

That's a great idea, kacklebird. I'll talk to my mother (I have to talk to her due to needing her to take me to appointments, etc) and find out the nearest hospitals to me.

Yeah, the first doctor didn't even bother with any tests and just told me to go away because he didn't want to sign any sickness forms which I didn't go for anyway! Basically he thought I'd only come in to get some sickness forms and thought I was wasting his time, in actual fact he wasted mine! I really don't know where he got this view that I wanted a sickness form from? My doctor sent me to him to get some more tests. I honestly could've cried, in fact I was nearly in tears and just walked out of his room totally disappointed that I had even bothered to turn up and he let me down.

I just don't know whether to even trust doctors now as I have had so many bad experiences with them.

It is frustrating when I know something is wrong and then get brushed off as just going for a sickness form! He only looked at me as wanting one of them and had already started to judge me before even seeing me!

Thanks for your advice and I'll keep you updated.

Kind regards