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Re: Penis size

I was moderatley over weight from age 10-15,my puberty was delayed compared to my peers the same age,when I was almost 16, and had no more baby fat,my testes and penis,grew more and my balls hung lower,fuller and my penis grew mostly in girth,less in length,at 20 years old I was 5& 1/2 inches long and 3 inches aorund when erect. yes I have seen many other penises and, like most guys compared size,I found way bigger and even quite a few smaller ones,I am 45+ years old now and I am happy with what I have and that it still wakes me up every morning rock-hard with a full bladder, and it works on command with-out a full bladder,my point is be happy with what you got,theres is some one that certainly would take what you got!