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Re: Reboot Nervous System? Five major spine surgeries...

Originally Posted by feelbad View Post
you must have a very different type of model than i do since i can ramp mine up to like 50? i believe. it also has 12 different types of current settings too. i prefer the alternating current for my pain. this sounds like something very different than what i have. just how old is this and what is it called exaxctly. it could be something different from the actual TENS but very similar and only used in PT kind of thing? just very curious as to what this thing is that you have been using since the normal TENS goes wayy past 9 in settings. Marcia
It's a "Home Medical Services (HMS) Neuromuscular Stimulator."

Frequency: Nine different settings

Intensity: Up to "9"

I've been on the one that is ramp'd up to 30 and another to 50 at PT. Large machines. I'm told the numbers really are relative in the sense that they are same in output.

Then they have what I have, which is small device save they have newer version. I don't use it because I tell them I all ready have it and stick with the larger units just on the presumption they might be better.

In the end, I think they are all TENS units.