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Facial Migraines not Sinus Infection

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Facial Migraines

As I write this page of information on “Facial Migraines” I am in the 7th day in a row of pain and other symptoms. I have what has been described by my ENT specialist as “Facial Migraines”. She told me 85% of all so called “Sinus Headaches” are really migraines. My Neurologist and family doctor has tried to treat them just like any other migraine with no success. The following is what I feel to be very important observations and hypothetical conclusions made by me regarding my illness.

I personally have not done the research proving that changes in “barometric pressure” (here after referred to as “BP”) cause Migraines but it is will documented. My main trigger is “BP” changes. Bright light, especially florescent, is a trigger as will as in smells and loud noises. You can avoid the latter but can’t avoid the “Weather”.

After giving the subject a lot of thought and study (where would we be without the internet?) I have come to what, I believe, are some very important conclusion worthy of more study by the medical community. I have been noting the daily “BP” changes for some time now and there effect on my well being. I have also tried many of the preventative and interrupting medication used for “General Migraine” sufferers. After this the following is my idea of the course of action that should be taken to both prevent and relive the “Facial Migraines” symptoms.

Let me first state that none of the medication from the “Interrupting” class of migraines medication did much to help my symptoms. Medication, like Maxalt & Imitrex and Relpax, are what I am referring to. There of course are many more but I am certain that my solution will not come from theses type of medication.

The preventative medication, of which many come from the “Triptan” family, did not help as well. I in fact developed an elevated heart rate from one of them. It took three months for my heart rate to return to normal after getting off the medication.

Here is my “Hypothesis” regarding the class of migraines known as “Facial Migraines” and the cause and treatment of them. Those of us who get this type of migraines have a very close “sensory” link to the frontal lobe of the brain through the Sinus cavity. In the frontal lobe you will find the “Sensory Receptors” of the brain.

All my life strong perfume would bring on a headache, focused in my forehead. I have had to leave many a “Denny’s Restaurant” for this reason over the years. Office building and other places where they use Fluorescent lighting have also made me sick with Sinus pressure and drainage, similar to an allergy attack. I used to blame the building air-conditioning for harboring mold that caused my problem. When we had an “on-shore” breeze, from an approaching weather front, I thought it was the mold blowing in front the coast making me sick. When we had what locally is called a “Santa-Anna” condition, with high wind blowing form the dessert areas, I again thought of allergies as the cause for my sickness and pain. I know now it was never allergies and in fact I have no allergies.

As I have gotten older the problem has gotten extremely bad. I have many more “bad” days then good. My understanding is with “normal” migraines as you age they lessen in both frequency and severity. Most Doctors believe migraines are vascular in nature and treat them as such. They use medication designed to increase the elasticity of the arteries to help them expand as needed without causing pain. This need for expansion is thought to be caused by a reaction to certain food triggers.

My belief is that the cause of “Facial Migraines” has nothing to do with arteries. They are purely caused by the extremely sensitive sensors located in the frontal lobe of such sufferers. When they are stimulated by a smell, bright light or change in the “BP” this is what might be happening. The pain stimulates the Sinuses which cause them to produce coppice amount of sinus fluid with the intent of cleaning out the offending agent they perceive is the cause. This also is the cause of the “Pressure” most migraine (Esp. Facial) suffers will feel in there head.

With that in mine there should be a variety of way developed to remedy this problem. I currently have only one way to make life bearable and to function somewhat

I take “Vicodin” as sparing as possible and it is effective. It has both “acetaminophen” and “hydrocodone”. The Acetaminophen (Tylenol), in Vicodin, really servers no purpose in the relief I get from its use. It is the Codeine that is the good guy here. It desensitizes the nerve ending to the signals coming form the sinuses and thus provides some relief. This though, hopefully won’t be the only medication or source of relief.

There must be other medication to “desensitize” theses nerves hopefully without bad or nuisance side effects that Vicodin can cause. Also you would think there would be a surgery available to maybe cut the nerves causing this problem. I have heard of a woman who after having a “nose job” no longer had migraines. I must assume she had facial migraines for this to have worked.

This is all I have to say at this time, laughing out loud, and I know it’s a lot. I just hope someone might read this that can make a real difference. Who can find a solution that is not a Band-Aid but a permeate cure. If you have any other information along this mater please post.

Thank You

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