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Re: Facial Migraines not Sinus Infection

Hi Shurluk, your post is very interesting. I had my first ever migraine a week ago. I currently take ibuprofen 800mg for headaches which I have constantly for bulging disc in my neck, I also get epidurals and trigger point injections. But, when I got this migraine, nothing worked, I had some vicodan from a previous surgery and had never used it, so I took a half of one, it improved just slightly, so next day I took a whole one, no improvement at all, I ended up going to urgent care and getting a shot of toradol (sp?) it took 1 1/2 hours to work, and I also got a prescription of fiorcet, which you have to take it before the migraine gets bad or it won't work at all. Yesterday I got another epidural, I had a horrible headache when I went there, and a horrible headache when I went to recovery, they gave me a shot of toradol, it took another 2 hours to work, but it does work. I know this does not sound like facial migraines. I am curious to know if you ever had one of these shots. Even though they took a while to work, they do help immensely. Be well...