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Re: Facial Migraines not Sinus Infection

Thank you for your reply! You reaffirm the truth of what I tell my self when I’m suffering which is “others feel much worse pain then I am experiencing so deal with it”.

My God continually grant you the strength to deal with your pain and that of your loved ones is my prayer for you.

I had a MRI but not with a dye. It did not show anything as we suspected. Reading the post on Ronda’s site about migraines really helped me.

Many migraine suffers have found that “Codeine” help relief some of the pain but not all of it of course. Other migraine suffers find no relief with Vicodin or any other strictly pain medication. Those who Vicodin dose not work for have found relief from one of the many migraine medication it most cases.

My neurological condition does not fit the mold of the vast majority of migraines. This is self evident form the inability of getting relief form the traditional migraine medication. I really feel A form of a nerve block, like they use for back pain, would be helpful. This is just my idea and I’m not a doctor so it may not be at all possible.

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