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Re: Facial Migraines not Sinus Infection

Getting to it fast is a problem for me unfortunately a lot of the time. I also have to many incidences to use the common abortive medication which can’t be taken more then 9 times a month. When a real super BAD one is coming on I believe I do have some warning though. I get very depressed and grumpy for seemly no reason. Last week this was the case. I had a small fight with my wife and was short with one of my daughters. I then felt real tired and lay down and went to sleep. About 2 hours latter I woke up in very server pain of the worst kind. I had been dreaming of being in pain and looking for relief when I woke up. If I realize that is happing again I would like to try a “Maxalt” or other migraine interrupter medication to see it will help. Thank you again for your reply.