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Smile Re: Very Painful Cramps in the Neck, Throat and Tongue

SirMack, I too have very painful cramps in the base of my throat, and cannot figure out why, I also have noticed a swelling over the "soft" portion of my throat below the adams apple. I can yawn, or more often cough and it causes the cramps to start and hold. I have COPD,so cough violently and sometimes get nauseated because of the mucus I cough up so then I throw up and the muscle cramps are horrible. I am sorry for your problems, and hope you found out why it is happening, I am going to the Doctor tomorrow because I have gotten bronchitis and need antibiotics,I am going to tell him about my throat and I will let you know what he says.

QUOTE=SirMack;3796044]Sometimes I will yawn or just out of nowhere, and will get an extreme painful "cramp" almost like a 'charlie horse' in my neck that lasts for 20 or 30 seconds and hurts for upwards of an hour or two afterwards.

The first type of attack is essentially if I yawn or turn my neck in a strange way, or even if I swallow too hard I will get an extremely painful cramp in my neck which is very similar to a charlie horse. It usually lasts from 15-30 seconds, occasionally up to a minute, and the pain will linger like that of a pulled muscle for minutes, hours, or even days after the attack.

The second type of attack I have is a cramping encompassing a larger area, where my neck, throat, and tongue all seem to cramp together. It is very painful and it also has with it a lingering pain that can last for minutes, or even hours. When this occurs I get the symptom I described above, but in this case my throat seems to cramp in addition to my neck, although I can still breath, and my tongue will cramp, with the rear part of the tongue almost feeling like it is balling up like a charlie horse. In my last attack my tongue took several minutes before I could move it like before, and the pain in the back of the tongue lasted for a couple hours.

The first type of attack happens a few times per year, with the second type of attack occurring very rarely. I am wondering if anyone else has had similar attacks and if they were able to figure out the root cause of it?[/QUOTE]