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I've just gone throught an ACDF for 3 levels in my neck. After surgery I was notified that I had a "goiter" and to see my primary physican. Even the antistesiologist (sp?) called me one evening at home to let me know of the goiter discovery. My neurosurgeon suggested my primary send me for a thyroid blood panel and sonogram. Evidentally the panel is normal althought I have not heard that from either doctor but the nurses. I just received an order from my primary for a Thyroid Scan and Uptake (indications: goiter). I am so in the dark. Can someone fill me in on any of this. Plus I have gained 50pounds in the last 5 years NOT from over eating or not excersizing. I was one of those health freaks who had to be moving constantly because that was the only way I could stay fit and also on 800 calories a day. When I injured my neck over 5 years ago it all ended and I gained 50 pounds, still 800 calories a day ... but who would believe that? When the surgeon told me I may have hypo .... I was estatic to think there could be a method to the madness of my weight gain. She mentioned that I could lose the weight immediately if it turned out that I had hypo ... Plus I now realize I've had a lot of other symptons like hoarse and deeper voice, feeling tired all the time (even before surgery and of course thinking it was just because I was fat), like totally lethargic sometimes. My scan uptake is scheduled for the 19th when I have to take some type of pill and then back on the 20th for the actual scan. Can anyone tell me what they're actually looking for and what my prospects might be. There was a moment there I had hope now that my neck is fixed I could possibly play tennis again, lose the weight and be my fun loving energetic self again. Now I'm just starting to feel crushed all over again because the blood tests were normal.


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