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Re: Facial Migraines not Sinus Infection

Originally Posted by Executor View Post
A scan will show the level of detail needed to see exactly what is going on. The sinuses are open cavities....Think of them as a cave. When the sinus is open and clear, the round cavity will show up in the scan as black. Conversely, if there is build up, or gunk in the bottom on the sinus, it shows up as gray. This "gunk" is like sludge...It's actually mucus...It's a permanent like build up that is settled at the bottom of the sinus....Think of it like the build up in bottom of a drain or pipe. When the scan is read by the radiologist and a report is sent your Doc, they will make a notation as to the level of mucus buildup in the sinus.

When one gets an infection that isn't successfully treated with antibiotics, the body will eventually fight off the infection by encapsulating the infection...It "wraps" around the infection and thus, creates a polyp. Not all polyps are the result of encapsulating infections, however. Some polyps are the result of allergies.

The more polyps, the more likely they interfere with the natural functionality of the sinus....Draining and etc. They can really create some blockage issues, which can then form a near perfect environment for further infections...Moisture, lack of drainage, and congestion. Excess moisture in the sinuses is a near perfect environment for infections due to the bacteria that is collected and is able to grow. It's not unusual for those with chronic sinusitis to have repeated infections due to the never ending cycle just explained.

Those with chronic sinusitis can get a lot of facial pain and headaches. When polyps are removed, they create scar tissue which can then create further problems. When polyps (upside down mushrooms) are removed, they are cut with an endoscope and the area has to scar over and heal on it's own....It can't be sutured...They are sliced off at the base of polyp...Where it attaches to the sinuses cavity. This is why you see sinus surgery patients wearing a drip pad under their nose....The wounds can bleed for up to a week after surgery.

Chronic sinusitis also can result in lots of swelling and pressure. Not only does the pressure and swelling cause headaches in itself, but if really bad, it can put pressure on the nerves in the area. Sometimes polyps in the sinuses will also add to the pressure and can affect the nerves in the area.

The bottom line is that when one has these problems in the facial area, a lot of different things can happen. People are effected differently....Each case is very individualized. Swelling in the facial area isn't like swelling in other parts of the body...It can really create a lot of problems and pain.

It's also very plausible that the sinuses may not be the primary "cause" of the facial pain / migraines, but instead, a contributing factor. Facial / head pain can be difficult to completely diagnosis.

Lastly, it's important to note that many use the term "migraine" incorrectly....It is often used as a general term in a way to describe a very bad headache overall.

Hope this helps.


This sound a lot like me. I have had the worst headache that you could ever think of. I had a root canal in Dec. and I did not let the denist finish because I had a bad experience with him. So I thought that it was my tooth acting up. I decided to go to the doctor and I told him what was going on. He took x-rays of my head and showed me the results. He was it was the worst case of sinus that he has ever seen in his 15 years of being a doctor. Where it was suppose to be clear, it was white as snow. I am having major headaches. My whole face hurts so bad, I am just in tears. This has been going on for about 3 weeks. He gave me a steroid shot in my hip, for nasal spary, and some kind of antibotic to take. I see a little change, but not enough. This mess is effecting my whole mood.