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Depression/ptsd following accident

I've been fairly depressed since the accident. Without getting too personal, I've battled depression on and off in my life. I've been on meds and off, and I'm currently in therapy and not on meds. I had gone off because my husband and I are trying to conceive. I hope my back doesn't interfere with this. Does anyone else battle depression and if so can you message me? I'm feeling so overwhelmed because I'm trying to do everything and we have a small puppy and a new house and lot of work on the weekends. My husband and I are both injured, but since I am more than he is, he ends up doing it all and I feel awful about it. I hate being so restricted with little distraction or escape. I am always at doctor appointments at lunch so I have no time to myself. I'm used to being physical and at least doing yoga which I can't even do now. I miss running so much. My parents got me new sneakers and all this gear which I cant use because I was training for the marathon. I was loving long 10 mile runs, hoping to do a 1/2 marathon in the spring. Now I can't walk w/o paying the conseqences later. I hate it. I feel trapped. We are new to the area and my family is not nearby. My brother and his family live 2 hrs away but they haven't been very helpful or responsive. I want to go on vacation or to see my sister in FL but travelling right now doesn't seem wise - I've got too many appointments and I donít want to see her when I cant enjoy it. Blargh. Sorry, I just wanted to vent. I've been reading, trying to take baths and relax, watch Woody Allen or Steve Martin movies to keep my sense of humor. I'm just getting so depressed. I wish I could take time off from work but I think that would give me too much time to sit and think and also my job is somewhat in jeopardy right now. Because of all I'm going through I'm very distracted and we are having cutback after cutback. I'm overwhelmed emotionally and physically and just really not handling it very well. Also feeling lots of anger and ptsd - i dont want to drive anymore.

Thanks for listening,
amy cate

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