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Re: Depression/ptsd following accident

Hi Amy,
I am so sorry you are going through all of this. I responded to your previous post about the accident and can identify with what you are going through. When we were rear ended and had our whiplash episode, we had just bought a fixer- upper and had tons of things that we wanted to and needed to accomplish. It definitely slowed our progress down. As far as our necks with the whiplash, we pretty much did what we could then payed for it later in the day. At that point we resorted to those heat packs that you can throw in the microwave or else those Thermacare things. I had those heat pads all over the house as we were both tensed up, having headaches, and my husband had the jaw problems with TMJ. He was prescribed a muscle relaxer for treatment of that (I think valium was what they treated him with in low doses).

You are very early in recovery from this incident and it sounds like you are doing the right things. Rest, no overuse of the muscles, heat therapy, and definitely avoid doing things that require your arms over your head.

The whiplash gets better over time but is a bear initially to deal with. As for your lower back problems.....what treatment have the docs recommended? Keep moving as much as you can though. You are so athletic I would think you will recover physically quickly from any treatment required. And it sounds like you are dealing with the down time correctly with catching up on your reading, humorous movies. It is tough for these circumstances to occur right after your move. And with a new puppy!! We have an 85 lb yellow lab and my husband has to walk her as SHE walks ME (and ends up pulling my body in directions that don't suit me!). She is so sweet though, after my surgery she seemed to understand that I was injured and walked behind me and didn't jump on me.

I have been depressed off and on throughout my recovery from this surgery. I just consider it a "situational" depression that will resolve as the situation improves and changes. I think you have many factors going on that could precipitate depression. Just stay strong and know that life is about change and this too shall pass. Keep thinking that before long you will be back in training. This is just a "hurdle" to get over.....may take longer than you would like but you will get there. Jan.