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Re: Depression/ptsd following accident

Hi Amy...and jank <you are a doll>

I not long ago posted a post about depresion AFTER a fusion. I ,too, have a depression issue as well. I think it is very normal to be down after being injured < although, I suffer with depression anyways>. It keeps you from doing daily things that a person does on a normal basis. Here is what I TRY to do if i can manage slow down. Tell yourself it is OK if something doesNOT get done. Take time to relax. Take time to do for YOU. When injured, your body sets limits for you. Therefore, you cannot get as much done. And you for sure cannot do physical things you are used to doing until you get well. Now, this is exactly where my depression sets in. I enjoy cleaning my home. I enjoy decorating my home. I LOVE working in my yard. Well, right now, I cant do much of anything because I am recovering from a major fusion surgery. As JanK says, "This too shall pass!" Great comment Jan.....

Amy....just slow down darlin. Give your body time to heal. It will get better. After reading your post, you are a very active person, and I can relate to exactly how you are feeling! Continue watching humorous movies and reading good books....humor is great! A great thing for depression. OH...and if you need to cry,by golly do it. Yesterday......I had a moment to where, I cried. I was trying to do something, and I just hardly could NOT do it. I was overwhelmed by the fact my body would NOT let me do what I was trying to do. So, I cried < I felt like a crybaby LOL> And continue to come on this forum. Lots and lots of great people. And come join me and Jank and some more ladies on our cyber get well vacation. LOL <might as well be pretending we are going ha> I wish you well.....and come back anytime. I come to the forum often as I am trying to recover and I read lots of good advice from lots of great people! OHHHHH and 1 more thing I would like to add....good luck on your conceiving......I hope all turns out good for you and hubby