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Re: New... and think I have relationship OCD. HELP!

Hi, Kruder,

I echo so much of your story it's unbelievable! I have had bouts with ROCD in the past, but I too am just in the beginnings of a new (and wonderful) relationship and it hit me out of the blue about a week ago! I had a week off from work, so I was happy and relaxed and spending lots of time with the new guy, then bam! I came back to work and got panicky, depressed, anxious and full of dread and obsessive thoughts that just kept circling my brain incessantly. Questions like "Am I a fraud with him?" and "Is it inevitable that I'm going to end it?" and "Am I so used to drama in my relationships that I create this ROCD cycle because this current one is so drama-free?" go through my head. And then I start the "checking" of my feelings (e.g., do I feel butterflies at the thought of his name? Am I truly ecstatic to see him again? Shouldn't I feel completely smitten if this is the right guy?), which, of course, leads to more panic when I don't feel what I hope to feel.

I wish I had more that could help you, but it's nice to at least know we're not going through this alone.

Take care!

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