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Re: The Cyberknife? Has anyone used this form of treatment?

Hi Jim,

It is impossible to show 10 or 12 or 14 year data before when a treatment is only been used for 5 years with zero failures from the first study. 81% free of PCa at 14 years is relatively good. I do not know the failure rate by year from this study and feel that is critical data to compare to other therapies. From memory HDR Brachytherapy Martinez at 8 years is 98% PCa free.

You will not find a MD that has only IMRT suggesting CyberKnife. There are 40 plus MD's that use IMRT and CyberKnife and some also offer Brachytherapy as an option. They offer their patients the option to select the best treatment for them. This is without bias unlike the IMRT only centers.

CK has also been used as a boost for other forms of RT.

Only time will tell what happens in ten years.

There is more to the CyberKnife than cure alone, it is quality of life.
Rectal failure

It was a very easy choice for me I compared ALL options at 3 years and found ZERO to be better than CK with HDR a close second.

With only one to two years of data it is hard to know what will happen in the future with radiation. There is theory of dose delivery to support the treatment but no hard data. Today the data is matching the theory expected, HDR and alpha beta. I believe in physics and todays technology to measure and deliver radiation. It is better today and will continue to improve with time. There is now CK data at 3-5 years and all very good, certainly no worse than any other option along the same time line.

I support treatment choice 100%, it is the patients life, he has to live with the choice.