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Local tragedy strikes here...I won't tell Mom..

I'm sure most of you have heard by now about the plane that went down near Buffalo. Sadly, this happened about 7 miles from my home. I heard about it 10 minutes after it happened...I still cannot believe this went down here...hard to comprehend.

Friday, the morning after the crash, I went to see Mom and she was sitting in front of the TV in the Den watching the news regarding the crash. It didn't register at all, and I certainly wasn't going to bring it up being that I'm flying to Florida next month. Every time I talk to her that I'm visiting my brother, she gets worried because I'm going to fly.

I guess I just need some confidence in knowing I'll be okay, and to tell my Mom I'll be okay. I'm flying on an Airbus A-320 which landed in the Hudson last month. I think I feel safer knowing I'll be on that than those little commuter planes, which is the one that crashed here.

Please send some prayers up for the victims and their familes. I'm not sure if my post is appropriate or not, but 50 people lost their lives here and it's not something this community will ever forget.

Any advice to tell my Mom as to not to worry? Amazing how her brain can be removed from reality, but when it comes to her baby girl (meaning me) she can be as sharp as a tack and not want anything to happen to me. She's the best Mom, and still knows I'm her daughter. That's a blessing in and of itself.

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