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What antibiotics can I use for prostatitis if allergic to ones normally used?

In November I had epididymitis which was cleared up by 10 days of Cirpo. At the time, I found the Cipro very difficult to take (fatigue, shortness of breath, anxiety) but I did finish the course. Two weeks ago, the symptoms returned. Urologist said my prostate was inflamed and prescribed another course of Cipro. This time, it made me incredibly fatigued. I consulted the doctor and he said to discontinue and watch and see because maybe the inflammation is not an infection. The symptoms did get better for a few days then came back. Urologist advised me to try a lesser dose of Cipro but this time the reaction was even worse: fatigued, nausea, itchy feeling all over (but no rash or hives), shortness of breath, anxiety. I discontinued treatment after two doses and feel fine now, 24 hours later, other than the urological problems.

As a side note, I had prostatitis ten years ago and tolerated floxin well at that time although since it is the same family as Cipro, I guess I can't take it again.

I am allergic to sulfa and pennycillin, so not sure what if any options I have left now that I appear unable to take cipro.

Anybody have any experience with this or advice? Now I am scared to take any antibiotics

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