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Cyst/nodule on thyroid

I went to see my dr yesterday about something unrelated but mentioned while I was there that Id got a large lump on the front of my neck and the glands at the sides & back of my neck felt tender & swollen (for about 2 weeks). She identified it almost immediately as being a thyroid cyst and that it was very common, nothing to worry about but if it's still there in a month to come back. I thought this sounded pretty strange and didnt understand why/how I'd got a large cyst on my thyroid so I had a quick look on the internet and found that although they are common I probably should have had some tests to rule out anything different. I'm sure my doctor knows what shes doing but I just found it strange as its very large (I'd probably say 2 or 3cm) dosent hurt or feel tender but I feel like the lymph nodes in the sides & back of my neck are tender..would this be related to the cyst?

Also for some time I've had difficulty swallowing and constant throat clearing...long before the lump appeared. I'd only just considered that the two might be related?

Finally if it's not gone in a month can anyone tell me from experience what they would do. And if anyone knows why I wasnt sent for tests & if thats normal. I'm sure I'm just worrying too much but my mother has an underactive thyroid and although I have no symptoms of that condition it made me worry something could be wrong.

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