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Angry H. Pylori? Celiac Disease? Something else?

I have had some terrible stomach issues in the past few weeks.

I've always had a severely sensitive stomach, and am an incredibly picky (and wholesome) eater. A few weeks ago, I got stomach flu -- I had it for over a WEEK -- no diarrhea, no vomiting (I am emetophobic so I held it down). Weeks later, my stomach has flared up again. Same kind of symptoms, but not much nausea -- bloating, burping, gas, abdominal pain, cramps, back pain. I just had a bunch of blood taken and am EXHAUSTED but I usually get more sleep. I am not thin or underweight, I have lost a bit in the last few weeks between stomach flu and everything else.

I asked to be tested for h.pylori but my doctor also suggested celiac's (it can start up after an infection, and I already have one autoimmune disorder, psoriasis, so I guess I am prone to it). Come to think of it, the last two times I became really ill were after eating whole wheat pizza and whole wheat pasta. Maybe that is just in my head. Maybe I am imagining things. It could be the case.

I basically want to crawl into a hole and die. What else could this be? Again, I have always had a sensitive stomach....I consume a lot of Maalox, I eat whole chunks of ginger, I was on PPIs for awhile but they stopped working and I had the worst acid rebound of all time...I am so tired of this, I just want an answer, I know many of you have it worse than me but I am so afraid of food and I feel like I am never going to be right again.

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. I just started taking gluten out of the picture last night (my blood test was early this morning so I don't think a false negative is an issue) -- I won't know until Friday about the results but I wanted to post here because I know some of you really know a lot about this stuff. Again, I have NO diarrhea and NO vomiting -- my doctor said this is difficult because I have no bowel issues. I am very regular, never any diarrhea or constipation.

I have a very stressful job, and my panic disorder causes a lot of my issues, but I know that I am not able to make myself this ill (just by being high strung).

Sorry to ramble. Help, please!
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