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Re: H. Pylori? Celiac Disease? Something else?

There's over 200 different symptoms associated with celiac - including not have any symptoms at all - so it's hard to tell just looking at the "surface" symptoms.

Signs of chronic malnutrition would point to celiac . . . infertility, early onset arthritis, osteoporosis, poor night vision, bowing of the long bones, short stature, pins and needle sensations in hands and feet, chronic canker sores, discolored teeth and unexplained anemia.

Celiac has been associated with other autoimmune disorders but not psoriasis. (At least not statistically, doesn't mean you can't have psoriasis and celiac) When autoimmune diseases tend to occur together they're called "clusters". In the celiac cluster there's juvenile arthritis, type 1 diabetes, sjogren's syndrome, autoimmune hypo/hyper thyroid and vitiligo.

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