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Double vision, diplopia, vertigo... can anyone help, please?

Hi all
I'm new here and I was wondering if you can help me with something. So I've been browsing Internet hoping to find some help with my symptoms and I couldn't come to any conclusion, so I stopped in fear or becoming influenced and start somatizing my condition.

About a year and a half ago I moved away to another country and spent some time sleeping on a terrible mattress, so at first I thought I might have a back problem and the cause was the poor mattress. The thing is, since I'm hardly ever ill, I do take some time telling pain from something more complicated.

Well, the thing is I work as a translator, so I spend a lot of time in front of a PC. I have bad posture, that much I know, and no matter how I try it, I never seem to be confortable. But I have been working like that for many years and I never had such serious symptoms.

I also used to have migraines, no vomiting, no aura, just strong pain to both temples. Maybe once a month, maybe not as much. But then I started getting headaches a lot more than usual, sometimes everyday during weeks. In between I had a bit of emotional stress that caused me to start having anxiety, which I didin't even know could exist. I was working and I'd just start shaking, feeling nervous, sad... Couldn't sleep, couldn't eat and I wasn't depressed or anything, but something was just wrong.

I started having shiatsu massages and insomnia was gone, so was the lack of apettite. After the cause for all this stress was gone, I felt way better emotionally, at peace, but then my body started playing tricks on me. So my symptoms now are the following:

visual auras, things get distorted with bright lights in my peripheral vision. My mother would complain about something like that before a strong migraine attack, like a visual alarm before the pain, but I never get pain. Just the bright lights and blurred vision.

Strong shoulder and arm pain - I also started waking up in the middle of the night with the pain. It lasts 10 minutes most, its like a strong cramp starting on my shoulder and it spreads to my arm, sometimes even to the back of the head.

Tinnitus - Not constantly, but usually at night the ears just start ringing. It doesn't hurt and the sound isn't as loud as to bother me at all, but it intrigues me.

Numb fingertips - Sometimes they just go numb, with a tickling feeling afterwards.

Double vision - the first time i had it I was really scared. I had never heard of something like that before and I was working as usual in front of my screen at the office and suddently i started seeing double. It really scared me and now the episodes come and go, with no apparent connection to anything. Sometimes I'm working, sometimes I'm relaxed. It lasts about 20 minutes and if i close one eye or the other I can see perfectly. Also after an episode of double vision I would get the visual auras.

Back pain - It's not excruciating pain. I'm usually very tolerant to pain, but I do feel tense. The neck cracks when I turn it and so do the shoulders. I used to play vollyball and swim, now I go to the gym about 1 or 2 times a week and do stretching exercises and swim. But nothing seems to ease it. When I'm back to daily routine the muscles get contracted again.

Vertigo: this is what really scared me. About 3 months ago I was working, relaxed, in front of my Pc, and suddently the world started turning around me and something was pulling me to the ground. I couldn't make it stop, it was so fast, I started sweating, they called an ambulance and took me to the hospital where they said it was vertigo - no tests were made, that's how health system works in old europe... They sent me home and referred me to a GP. I was resting at home for 2 days and then went to see an osteopath. I did a couple of sessions with him and I was ok for 2 months but now all the symptoms came back again, and this week I had another vertigo, this time I threw up - in the bathroom, with dignity - and I managed to control it and walk home by myself after a while. However it's as if I lose all my energy after a fit like that and I spent all weekend at home, resting and taking muscular relaxants

I've had blood tests - everything is normal, a CAT scan, normal, and I'm up for a MRI.
My GP said during my second appointment with her that I was depressed, without further testing and wanted to prescribe antidepressive drugs, which I refused. I am not depressed, I don't want to die, I don't have any problems getting up and coming for work or doing everyday tasks, I don't feel sad anymore, and it actually scares me that I haven't cried in a while - the other night I forced myslf to cry, scared that maybe it was that numbness that was causing all this tension.
Yes, I was away from my family but I have good friends here and I was in the city I love. Plus it's not the first time i was away from my family and I call them all the time and visit them every 3/4 months. I share a flat with 3 boys whom I love so I don't feel lonely.
However I do feel a lot less sociable because I am always in pain, tired, having double vision or scared that I might have vertigo and I'm tired of complaining. I try to go out to a disco or something and my head hurts. So I just avoid it, somehow. Now I don't know if it's a psychological problem of something physical, and I'm trying to lead a normal life, but it's hard when there's some pain or symptom reminding me everyday that things are not ok.

And i'm tired of being like this, I'd never even get a cold, a fever, a fungus, nothing. I have a very strong immunitary system and i'm very rational, rather than emotional. I try to explore all possibilities, but everyone tells me something different. Now I do feel that I might have some tension and that a nerve in my neck could be the cause for this, but no one finds anything and I don't know what it could be...

Did anyone have the same problem and if so, how can I stop it?

Thank you so much for your help and sorry for nagging.


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