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Re: H. Pylori? Celiac Disease? Something else?

I actually don't have any problems with emptying. I am very regular when I eat, and never have any loose stools or anything.

I just don't know if eating is worth it anymore. I'm exhausted. Now I have another cold, so I am dealing with two things at once. I went to a gastro last year and without even examining me, as soon as I told him I had panic disorder, he told me I was doing it to myself -- "nerves" -- and told me to take more medication. There's no way, anxiety or none, I could ever make myself this ill. I'm not even that stressed out right now!

I do have a lot of sores in my mouth. I don't know if that is from having a cold or something else. I usually only get one at a time. I have three now.

Whatever it is, I don't think I am malnourished but I have definitely lost some weight. Not sure how much. 10-15 lbs in the past few weeks, maybe.
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