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headache for 3 weeks?


I was wondering if someone could help me -- or help ease my mind at least until my next doctor's visit. I'm a 20 year old female and have had a pretty constant headache in my left temple for the past 3 weeks. The pain has been pretty localized, although sometimes I have felt pain behind my eye, pain in my left temple, and sometimes short pain in the back of my head. The pain is not as bad as the first week -- the first week it was maybe a 6 on a scale of 1-10, and now its maybe a 2 or a 3. Sometimes I have sensations in my scalp that make it hurt to brush my hair, and sometimes I have short bursts of pain in my right temple as well. Occasionally I have pain in my cheek. I dont always have it, or at least I dont think so, if I do something else, I dont feel it at all. Sleep and aleve are the only things that help. The headache doesnt start until I've been awake for awhile. The only other headache I've had like this was in November...I got it after pulling an all nighter studying for my college biology exam and it went away after 5 days. The only thing that has changed since then, is I got braces (dental braces) about 2 weeks prior to the headache. I've also had mild pain in my back (I have two vertebrae that are pressing on each other but the doctors told me it wasnt serious) and pain in my neck on that side, that feels sort of like my lymph nodes are swollen.

I've had vision or balance changes, no light sensitivity, and no nausea. Occasionally my left eye experiences a dull throbbing. I went to the doctor 2 weeks ago and she put me on antibiotics because I had suffered from a short cold about a week into the headache and she said she wanted to rule out a sinus infection before investigating it more.

Has anyone had any similar experiences? I have NEVER had a headache last this long. I usually get a headache once a month (due to menstruation) but its not usually isolated to my temple. I'm really freaked out -- I keep reading stuff about sinus thrombosis and brain tumors and aneurysms. I definately will get this checked out by a doctor (I have an appointment for this week) and will have the usual tests done as soon as I can, but Im looking for a little support in the mean-time. My friends are sick of listening to me and think that I'm making it up.

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