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Re: headache for 3 weeks?

well,you are doing the right thing here in having this evaluated by your doc. i really do think, just given the length of time this has gone on and the repetitive nature of what you are experiencing, at this pojnt having a contrasted MRI would really be the best way to begin the process of finding out the true source of your headaches and other symptoms.

do you have a copy of the MRI that was done on your c spine where the disc issues were discovered? if so,could you type out that very end summary where it talks about the findings? or was that MRI done on some other place?

getting an MRI,with contrast done both on your brain and that c spine area really would be the best places to check for the 'culprit' that is triggering off your symptoms. some c spine issue can actually affect the head in some ways only because there are certain cranial nerves that do run down from our heads/brains,into that c spine area,then loop back up into our heads again right around that c 8 nerve junction at the very end of the c spine. while we do not have an actual c 8 vertebrae,we do have a c 8 nerve. its also called the ulnar nerve.

but an MRI on the brain and c spine WITH a contrasting agent that just helps to highlight certain areas that do not always show themselves really well with just a regular MRI really would be the best possible place to start for you right now. you just really need that more in depth look into those two areas just to really see whats going on in there. it may or may not be the spot,but it does, if nothing else, need to be thoroughly looked at and at least ruled out,ya know? i do wish you luck with this and please DO keep me posted as to what you find out. Marcia
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