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Low tesrosteron/pituitary adenoma

I am male 37 years old , recently diagnosed low testosterone level and also diagnosed Hypothyroid 3 years back due to elevated Ab TPO (Hashimoto's).
In Dec after so many complain since 3 years finally my last endo agreed to do Hormone test otherwise everyone was blaming thyroid for my all my symptoms.
IN jan Results came back as follows

Total testosterone 309 ( 318-1050)
Prolactin 24 (3-18)
LH 3.5 ( 1.6-18.1)
FSH 1.7 (1.4-9.1)
Free testosterone 59 (52-180)

Cortisol 15.1 (3.1-22.1)
Cortisol 11.1 (this is the one for urine collection)

TSH 1.67 (0.6-4.0)

FT4 1.37 (0.6-1.8)

Due to prolactin high my doctor order MRI to make sure there is nothing wrong in my pituitary which can be responsible for low testosterone level.

The MRI came back with 4x5x6mm pituitary tumor (Microadenoma).

She started bromocriptine 2.5mg/day , after a month test results are below

Total Testosterone level 216 (241-838)
Free testosteron 74.1 (52-180)
LH 4.4 (1.6-18.1)
FSH 2.2 (1.4-9.1)
Prolactin < 0.2 ( 3-18)

So bromo surely dropped my prolactin level , so she stopped the treatment and want to see for another month if it goes back to high or high normal.

My symptoms are

Muscles weakness
Muscles pain/joint pain
Less energy
Can't do physical work even for 20 mins
mood change
low sex drive
weight gain

My questions are

1. Is my prolactin was really or it can be high because of stress ?

2. what treatment should i go for, i want be a father as well ?

3. Can small adenoma in pituitary responsible for all these symptoms?

Anyone share his or her story i really appreciate it.

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