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Something is going on with my child

Not sure if anyone will respond to this but i am worried about my child. He is very sweet to me in front of others but as soon as we are alone he gets angry at me and holds grudges for long periods of time. If someone comes to our house he snaps right out of it and acts like a complete angel. He was diagnosed on the autism spectrum and ADHD but i think there is more to it. He doesnt get as upset if his dad puts him in time-out but when i do it he is in complete meltdown mode. I took him to the doctors with me and he acted so sweet to me in front of the nurse but as soon as she walked out of the room he changed and turned himself around and had this mean look on his face. I dont know what is wrong with him and making himself look like an angel in fornt of others then shows real self to us. Everyone cant believe when i tell them he acts this way to me as if this person doesnt even exist. I want to get him help i lost lots of friendships over this behavior too.

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