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Re: Sinus congestion and feeling run down

HI Atwood,
I know this post is a little late, which is dated the 17th of this month, but I see you're in pain and are having a lot of things going on at one time and not getting better which I would have to question myself. Especially since you've already been on an antibiotic.

Are you lymph nodes swollen anywhere? you mention your throat hurts too? the throat can hurt when you have sinus problems from post nasal drip. they look like little tiny blisters way on the back of the throat that goes WAY down the throat, but you can't see it that far. only an ENT can with his scope. That can cause slight pain, but not the type of pain that strep can cause.
when you have strep, or when I had it, I couldnt' even swallow my own saliva without it killing me.
maybe you have something viral? I say this, because you can take as many antibiotics possible and it will not wipe out a viral illness. Only bacteria can be penetrated by the medicine, not viruses.
I would get a second opinion from a different doctor since you're not getting any better and your instinct is telling you something might be going on.

You have all the tell tale signs of having strep. the nausuea, the stomach pains, throat hurts, etc.
oh! and when a person has sinusitis, that alone can wipe a person of their energy too.
it makes you very very tired and weak. they say when you have an infection, you must rest your body and drink plenty of water to hydrate the inflammed tissues that are blocking up the sinuses.
so it can be a number of things that's going on. Did you get any blood work performed?
a CBC would've been good to start with if I were your doctor.

well, I wish you the best and hope you get this resolved. maybe you're already feeling from the time you posted this and from the time i answered it?

l'm curious to find out how you're doing?